Promo & Marketing Tools

“Digital Highlights” sampler

Fiverr – offers a multitude of independent contractors that specialize in text writing, website traffic, logo design, SEO, social media, etc.

Blog and other content writing

Content Rob Browning – specializes in text writing, blog articles, text editing and other writing services

McKenna Hallett – specializing

Print On Demand Books – Blurb

Adobe Exchange  one may have to purchase a creative cloud plan for photoshop

Bitly – Link Compressor


WordPress – also offers website templates and plugins for enhanced sites

Square Space

Inmotion Webhosting


Website Providers

Behance – Adobe

Square Space




Sitebuilder – Free Domain – Free Domain

weebly – Free Domain

Inmotion Webhosting

Blue Host


Network Solutions


FASO Artist Websites  FASO, “The Leading Provider of Professional Artist Websites”, is a favorite place for artists to easily create their own professional art website.

Guidedtheory  A fully-managed e-commerce solution for artists and galleries.

Dunked  Create an online art portfolio on this website, using their templates, and even keep your own domain name.