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The “Samples of Your Work” magazine does not replace a website.  Its value lies in providing a “Digital Media Highlights” of your work as part of your promotional efforts.  Including this component to your overall marketing plan can be helpful to offer key content summary of what is on your website or what you want to offer for sale.

How Can It be used?

The possibilities are many.  It can be used as part of your website or as a post.  It can be used in an announcement.  The “Digital Media Highlights” can be used, if you want, to pursue representation in a gallery.  It provides an easy way for the gallery to get a quick overview of your work and it also can provide a way for the gallery to understand your style or a way for them to learn about you as a photographer or digital artist.  If you are developing an online sales component for your work, the “Digital Media Highlights” sampler can also provide a way for potential clients to see some of your work, as a first step in creating a reason to go further.


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